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Warm Welcome to the Past Pupils' Association of Holy Faith Convent, Couva (PPA of HFCC) web!

Do you want to rekindle friendships, maintain contact with past classmates; form new relationships; share skills and experiences? Well, this is the place to be!

If you are a past pupil of Holy Faith Convent, Couva, the Executive and members of the PPA would like to keep in touch with you! We are eager to foster a vibrant and active sisterhood and need your participation to realize this goal.

The PPA of HFCC seeks to promote a supportive environment for past and current students of HFCC. There are currently over 50 Association members, some of whom reside in countries the world over. Additionally, you can find past HFCC students living as far off as the United Kingdom, Germany, Holland and Austrailia, to name a few. So, whether you are interested in networking, finding past classmates in your part of the world, joining the Association, contributing to school initiatives or just staying in touch with the PPA of HFCC, this site will help you!

Find out what the PPA of HFCC has been up to; its past, present and projected activities. Reminisce on school days past, become involved in what's happening at present and comit to shaping a sound, supportive and fun filled future for the school and the Association.

If there is any information you need or questions that you would like to ask, contact the PPA of HFCC.
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Thank you for taking the time to visit the Past Pupils' Association of Holy Faith Convent, Couva web site. Looking forward to seeing you again soon!